Photography Displayed as Office Art

Houston companies can distinguish themselves as a Houston-based company by exhibiting local city scenes. Houston photography, displayed as corporate office art, makes a favorable impression on visiting customers.


Picture Sizes and Framing

Photographs can be reproduced in a variety of standard sizes or custom sizes to conform to any wall size. I also offer a variety of framing options. Please check out more examples of actual office art installations that I have completed for my customers.

What Size is Best ?

The size of a picture depends on the size of the room and the viewing distance. In general, the larger the room, the larger the picture should be. Large artwork sizes are generally better in large workspaces like a conference room or reception area while smaller sizes may be adequate for a personal office or hallway.

Office Art Planning

Need some help planning or sizing your office art? I can advise you regarding appropriate artwork sizes for office walls. If you are in Houston I may be able to visit your office space and provide suggestions. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

You can also take a few photos of the wall where the art will be displayed and send them to me. When taking photos, back away from the wall as much as possible and shoot from an angle. Try to include as much of the wall as possible. Having furniture in the photo is fine.

Provide Your Own Photographs

You can also provide your own photos and I can convert them into art. I often repurpose existing photos provided by my customers. When the images are high resolution, they can be enlarged to almost any size. I can also resource other types of art and photography.

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