About Scott Teven

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Welcome to Photo Houston!

About Scott Teven
About 30 years ago I began to photograph the Houston Skyline as a personal project. The cityscape fascinated me when the changing weather and light coincided to create spectacular vistas. As I continued to explore Houston I discovered new angles and impressive views of the city and it’s architectural monuments. Over time I have produced and compiled a diverse collection of Houston Photography that features distinctive images of the city. I also began to explore and photograph the State of Texas and now feature a collection of Texas photography that features Landscapes, Landmarks, Texas culture and many other iconic images of the Lone Star State.

About Photo Houston
Photo Houston is primarily a geographical collection of photographs I have created during my career as a photographer. These photographs share two distinctive regional themes: the City of Houston and the State of Texas. Each of these themes are represented by six unique galleries of photographs.

About My Customers
My customers purchase my photography to display as Framed Art in their corporate offices and for personal display in their homes. By displaying regional photography companies and organizations can emphasize their regional brand and identify with local customers. Stock photos can also be licensed for promotional publication and display.

To Interior Designers and Art Dealers
I offer my artwork to art consultants and interior designers who seek custom art for corporate, healthcare and hospitality clients. Some of my selected clients include Marriott International, Cisco Systems, Citigroup, Enterprise Products Partners, Ferrostaal, Deloitte University, Baylor All Saints Medical Hospital and the US Court of Appeals. View examples of my photography installed as finished artwork in Commercial spaces.

Need a photo that you can’t find on this website?
My full photography collection is quite large so not every single photo appears on this website. For any photo that you find on this website there may be similar views of the same subject that are available. For example, you may find a photo that has a “horizontal” or landscape orientation but you would prefer a vertical or “portrait” orientation.

Navigation of this website:
When viewing an individual photo you can return to the gallery of thumbnails by pressing the escape key on your keyboard. You can also click the center of a photo to return to main gallery. You can read a verbal description of the photo by clicking the square icon in the upper right hand corner. An information panel will pop up with a caption.

Photos displayed on this website represent high-resolution, original images that can be enlarged for display. Please see available Print Sizes and contact me if you require a larger size.

Photos displayed on this website have a discreet watermark. Purchased photos will NOT have a mark.