Scott_Teven_Portrait_320px.jpgScott Teven

Welcome to Photo Houston!

I call my business "Photo Houston" because I am a Houston photographer and also because of my extensive collection of Houston photos.

As a professional Houston photographer I create images for industrial and real estate clients. Most are companies who have projects, facilities or operations in the Houston area. Some of my corporate clients include Albemarle, Bibby Offshore, Seacor Marine, Seneca Resources, Stolt Nielsen, Teledyne Oil & Gas and Wartsila North America. I am based in Houston but available to travel. Visit my PORTFOLIO page to see examples of my work and contact me if you like what you see.

Photo Houston is my photography of the city of Houston. I started creating images of Houston as a personal project about 25 years ago. Here's my back-story…

I lived in 3 foreign countries with my family when I was in high school, documenting my travels with a Kodak Instamatic camera. Later I earned an Art degree from the University of Wisconsin, where I first studied photography. After moving to Houston I worked as a graphic designer for about 10 years, still taking pictures on the side.

The Houston skyline fascinated me, particularly at fleeting moments when the weather and light converged. I still love to chase the light and capture these urban vistas with my camera. Visit my HOUSTON PHOTOS pages to see these images. I have many others but these represent some of my personal favorites.

Companies often purchase my Houston landscapes to display as framed artwork in their corporate offices. I help my clients decorate their offices by providing picture framing and installation.

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