Oil Industry Stock Photography
Tall Texas oil rigs in an oil field, offshore drilling rigs at sea, oil refineries processing fuel: These are a few of the enduring images of the oil industry. If you do business in the oil field, you can emphasize that connection by using stock photos of oil rigs in your marketing publications. Stock photography from our library of oil rig stock photos can be licensed for publication in brochures, ads, websites and trade show displays
drilling rig stock photo texas

Oil Rig Reflection

A Texas drilling rig and the colors of sunset are reflected in a pond on a ranch.

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drilling for oil derrick texas

Drilling for Oil in Texas

The sky at sunset suggests the golden color of oil in this photo of an oil derrick on a Texas ranch.

oil rigs pumping oil in Texas

Texas Oil Wells

Weathered and rusty oil pumps, also called pumpjacks. Oil rigs are still pumping oil in the historic Luling Texas oil field.

Texas oil well photo

Oil Pumpjack

This horse head oil pump in a Texas oil field is a dynamic symbol of energy and oil production in Texas.

Our oil rig photos are available for publication or display.

offshore oil rig platform

Offshore Oil Rig

The bright colors of offshore oil rigs stand out against the blue tones of sea and sky.

Stock Photos for Publication or Display
Stock photography will make a real impact in your marketing brochures, presentations or conference room displays. Enhance your publications with our dramatic stock photos of the oil and gas industry. Click here for more information on our Stock Photography.
texas oil rig picture

Oil Derrick at Sunset

A horizontal view showing a Texas oil rig silhouetted against a colorful sunset.

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exploration drilling rigs

Drilling Rig in Texas

A crew of oil workers on a land based exploration rig drill for oil.

Oil rig Pictures of Oil Derricks

Oil Drilling Rigs

Modern style oil derricks like these are responsible for much of today's land exploration.

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offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico

Offshore Oil Platform

Aerial photo of an offshore oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

oil workers on offshore platform in Gulf of Mexico

Offshore Drilling Rig Workers

Offshore oil industry workers make repairs to an oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

drive pipe on offshore drilling rig

Offshore Oil Rig Conductor Pipe

It's a long way down to the water for these workers on an offshore rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

jack up platform oil rig stock photography

Jack-Up Offshore Platform

An aerial photograph of a jackup rig that is undergoing construction in dry dock. Offshore rigs are fabricated and restored in seaport docks along the Texas and Louisiana coast.

offshore rig photos

Offshore Oil Rig

An oil platform undergoing restoration while in dry dock at the Port of Galveston.

Our oil rig photography is available for publication. Pictures can also be displayed as corporate art photography.

tugboats towing offshore oil rigs

Offshore Oil Industry

Tugboats towing offshore oil rigs out to sea.

pictures of oil wells texas oil field

Oil Wells in Texas

Picture of pump jacks producing oil in the historic Luling Texas oil field. These unusual tools of oil production are also known as oil pumpers, grasshoppers or nodding donkey oil pumps.

We have a variety of stock photos of oil wells that can be enlarged for trade show displays or exhibited as office art.

picture of oil well pump jack

Texas Oil Well Photo

A grasshopper oil rig in a West Texas oil field is silouetted against the setting sun. Pumping units are used to pump oil out of a Texas oil well.

Art Photography for a Corporate Office
These stock photos can also be purchased as art photographs to exhibit in your corporate office. Consider the dramatic impact of framed photography in your conference room or reception area. Click here for more information on purchasing Art Photography. Click here to view examples of our Black and White Photos of the oil industry.

Oil Industry Photographer
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texas oil refinery picture

Texas Oil Refinery Picture

Tall vessels of a petrochemical refinery in Houston Texas. Houston is a center for the refining and processing of petrochemicals, The industry has miles of pipeline connecting chemical plants, oil refineries and fractionation plants along the Texas Gulf Coast. The pipelines facilitate the transfer of feedstocks, fuel and chemical products between plants, storage terminals and transportation facilities.

chemical plant houston texas

Chemical Refinery

Oil refineries reflect the warm evening light of a Gulf Coast sky. A variety of chemicals and fuels are refined at processing plants along the Texas coast.

texas oil refinery photo

Petrochemical Refineries

This scene pictures an aerial view of an oil refinery that processes chemicals. Houston processing plants manufacture several vital plastic, rubber and resin products including polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene.

chemical refinery texas city

Oil Refinery at Sunset

A colorful photo of a petrochemical refinery in Texas City. The diverse forms of shiny vessels, distillers and pipe racks create a unique abstract composition.

emissions and air pollution from smoke stacks

Oil Refinery Emissions

Smokestacks of a Texas refinery releasing steam, smoke and gas into the atmosphere. It is reported that hydrocarbons in air emissions contribute to air pollution and global warming.

oil terminal photos

Oil Tanker Terminals

The petroleum industry facilities along the Houston Ship Channel offer midstream and downstream operations of the oil industry. This aerial photo shows an oil tanker receiving liquid bulk from the terminal gantry.

Crude carriers and parcel tankers at oil terminal

Crude Oil Terminals

Oil tankers, parcel tankers and other cargo vessels discharging crude oil at the berthing facility of a fuel terminal on Galveston Bay.

oil tankers receive fuels at Port of Houston terminal

Houston Oil Terminal

Product tankers loading fuel at a Port of Houston petroleum terminal. This aerial photo shows nearby oil refineries and crude oil storage tanks.

photos of oil terminals

Marine Oil Terminal

This oil terminal photo shows product tankers discharging and loading petrochemicals at a marine oil terminal.

oil storage tank farm

Oil Storage Tanks at Fuel Storage Terminal

Aerial photograph showing crude oil tankers docked at an oil storage facility along the Houston ship channel. There are often petroleum storage facilities ajacent to the oil terminals. This marine terminal shows the proximity of rail transportation which will transport the fuels.

picture of oil tanker lightering

Oil Tanker Lightering

Ultra Large Crude Carriers are too big to enter many seaports. Lightering allows offshore unloading of crude oil from a large tanker into a smaller vessel. Crude oil is exchanged through reinforced rubber hoses connecting the oil tankers.

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stock photos of oil tankers

Oil Tankers

Two massive vessels pass each other on their way to industrial docks where they will unload their cargo of crude oil.

oil tanker photography

Petroleum Transportation

Picture of a product tanker carrying liquid fuel passing through the Houston Ship Channel.

oil tanker and tugboat picture

Oil Tankers in Port

Photo of oil tanker being gently guided by a tugboat in the Port of Houston.

transportation of wind turbines

Wind Power

Houston is well known as the Oil Capital of the World but anticipates the future of renewable energy. This aerial photo shows a shipment of huge wind turbine blades awaiting delivery to a wind power farm.


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