Cowboy Pictures of the Houston Trail Ride and Rodeo
Every February in Texas, people from cities all over Texas saddle up their horses to experience the unfettered cowboy life. Men, women and children from diverse ethnic groups band together for an authentic western trail ride. Wearing cowboy hats, western boots and chaps, these modern city slickers have found a way to relive the spirit of the old west. Riding on horses and in old-fashioned covered wagons, these part-time cowboys and cowgirls ride the trail for days and even weeks. When they reach Houston they ride in a big rodeo parade that kicks off the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

The Houston trail ride is a rugged tradition that celebrates the rich heritage of the American cowboy. Classic western movies still portray the Texas cowboy as the hero of the old west. Cowboys modeled  character traits like courage, endurance, teamwork and loyalty. These honorable qualities are still admired in the world today.

These photos portray many of symbols that represent the old west - the western cowboy hat, boots, chaps and spurs.

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conestoga covered wagon

Riding in an old fashioned conestoga wagon pulled by a mule team, This group of western style trail riders is one of 14 different horse riding clubs that participate the annual Houston trail ride.

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mounted color guard in parade
Cowgirls carry the US and Texas flags for their horse riding club during the rodeo parade. Most riding clubs have a mounted color guard that preceeds their group in the parade.
western trail riding group
Team spirit is evident in this colorful picture of a western trail riding group in the Houston Rodeo parade.
traditional covered wagons old west pioneers
A team of mules pulling a traditional covered wagon with wooden wagon wheels during the trailride. These Texas trail riders resemble early pioneers that settled the old west.
hispanic trail boss and covered wagon
Los Vaqueros Rio Grande is the longest Trail Ride in the Houston Trail Ride. This group of Hispanic trail riders travels 386 miles on horseback and covered wagons from the Mexican border town of Reyenosa, Mexico all the way to Houston. Arthur Ramirez, the trail boss of Los Vaqueros rode for 3 weeks in this trail ride, and poses by their covered wagon.
loner cowboy riding horse blurred action
A lone cowboy on horseback suggests the rugged spirit of individualism characteristic of the American cowboy. The motion of horse and rider is captured in this blurred action photo.
horse rearing up action photo
Reminiscent of the Lone Ranger and his faithful horse, this cowboy seems to cry "hi-yo silver" as he makes his paint horse rear up on his hind legs during the Houston Trailride.
cowgirl on horse motion blur
A cowgirl smiles as she rides by with her group of riders from the Valley Lodge Trail Ride Association.
cowboys on horseback western cowboy hats
An overhead view of two cowboys on horseback wearing matching panchos and western cowboy hats.
old denim jacket
Cowboy wearing denim jacket with riding club patches earned from past trail rides.
team of clydesdales
A team of Clydesdale horses in the Rodeo Parade in downtown Houston. The Clydesdale is a breed of draft horse named after the hard-working farm horses of Clydesdale in Scotland. Thought to be over 300 years old, the breed was once extensively used for pulling heavy loads.
black cowboys in authentic conestoga wagon
A family of black cowboys riding the trail in an authentic conestoga wagon.
mounted color guard carrying american flags
The Bexar County Palomino Patrol rides in full regalia during the 2002 Battle of Flowers Parade in San Antonio. This mounted color guard is considered the most beautiful grand entry in rodeo performance.
western cowboy hats stock photos

Western Cowboy Hats

A array of cowboy hats on display at a western wear store. The western cowboy hat has become a legendary symbol of the cowboy.

leather riding chaps

Leather Chaps

Photo of cowboy wearing a weathered pair of leather riding chaps.

Western Art Photography
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boots spurs stirrups chaps

Boots and Spurs

A cowboy with his boot in a hand-tooled leather stirrup. Shotgun chaps are so named because the legs are straight and narrow like a shotgun's barrel. Shotguns wrap completely around the leg do not flap around like batwings.

fancy tasseled western chaps

Fancy Riding Chaps

Batwing chaps are cut with a flare at the bottom. They have only two or three fasteners around the thigh, allowing freedom of movement for the lower leg. This is helpful for active riding.

western cowboy boots stock photo

Western Cowboy Boots

A vendor at the Houston rodeo displays a wide variety of western boots.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

A motion blur photo showing two chuck wagons racing neck and neck during a wagon race at the Houston Rodeo.

rodeo wagon race

Wagon Racing

A cowboy takes the reins and motivates his team of horses to victory during the chuck wagon races. These action photos capture the excitement of this popular rodeo event.

Houston rodeo bull rider

A bull rider hangs on during the bull riding competition at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

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boy watching rodeo performance
A young cowboy enjoys the Rodeo events from an upper deck of the Houston Astrodome.
Mexican American boy young cowboy
This Mexican American boy is one of the young cowboys in the Mission Trail Ride, the second longest trail ride that originates in San Antonio, Texas.
tattered old cowboy hat
Portrait of cowboy Howard Beauchamp wearing a tattered old cowboy hat adorned with buttons earned from many trail rides.
cowboy and pet dog
Cowboy and his trail ride mascot, who wears a neckerchief as part of the riding team.
market lamb livestock competition
A girl showing her market lamb during a livestock competition at the Houston rodeo.
hogs at livestock show
A teenage girl tends to the hogs she raised for the rodeo livestock competition.
pig races at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Pig Racing

A crowd roots for their favorites during the pig races, a popular event at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

cowboy getting kissed

Cowboy Kisses

Cowgirls gang up on this unwitting cowboy after the long trail ride.

steaming and shaping cowboy hats

Hat Shaping

A vendor at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo uses steam to shape a felt cowboy hat.


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