Texas Cattle Ranching Photos
Cattle ranching and farming attracted the first cowboys to Texas. Pioneers traveled by horse and wagon to settle the land and tend the ranches. Many Texas cattle ranches still thrive today in the Lone star state. Cattle ranchers raise a variety of Texas beef cattle. A popular breed is the Texas longhorn and there are many longhorn cattle ranches throughout the State. A longhorn cow has horns that can extend to six feet in width and have a slight upward turn at the horn tips.

These images can be used as stock photos or displayed as Western art photography that is suitable for framing. Scroll down the page to view a unique collection of photographs portraying longhorn cattle ranching in Texas.

cowboy throwing a lariat on cattle drive

Cattle Round Up

Picture of a cowboy swinging lariat during a cattle drive on a working ranch in Texas.

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Texas longhorn cattle herd on ranch

Texas Longhorn Cattle

A herd of longhorns all moving in the same direction down a dirt road on a Texas ranch.

cowboys working on Texas longhorn cattle ranching pictures

Texas Cattle Drives

Cowboys guide a herd of longhorns down a long dirt road on a Texas cattle ranch.

cow and calf on texas ranch

Rural Ranch Scene

A longhorn cow and her calf graze in a field near a muddy creek.

texas longhorn stock photo

Longhorn Steer

Most Texas longhorn cattle have a distinctive burnt orange color.

Create a Texas Brand

If you're If you're doing business in Texas, you can emphasize that local connection. Displaying cattle ranching pictures can help convey the message that you are a local Texas company. You can use stock photos to enhance your business communications. Stock photos can be displayed in brochures, ads, websites, presentations.

western cowboy saddle and rope lariot

Cowboy Saddle Tack

Picture showing detail of a cowboys western saddle, complete with a rope lariat.

cowboy riding horse on texas ranch

Western Cowboy

Photo of a cowboy on his paint horse riding through a field of bluebonnets on a Texas ranch.

cowboy western riding slide stop
This image pictures the cowboy bringing his horse to a slide stop. A rider gives his horse different reining cues. Besides pulling on the reins, the rider shifts his weight and applies leg pressure.
western cowboy blurred motion image
An action photo of a western cowboy riding the range.
girl riding horse action blur
A cowgirl holds on to her hat while riding on an American Paint Horse.
texas cowboys ranching
Ranch cowboys herding cattle on a Texas ranch near Bellville.
stock photo of cowboy cattle drive
Cowboys on a cattle drive move a herd of Longhorns along a dirt road.

Photography of Texas Cattle Ranches

Ranch pictures can be displayed as art photography that is suitable for framing. Consider the dramatic impact of large art prints in an office reception area or conference room. Our cowboy photography can also be converted to black and white prints and sepiatone for a more rustic appearance.

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Texas longhorn cattle ranching
A longhorn steer proudly exhibiting a huge set of horns.
Hereford cattle livestock photos
Photo of Hereford cattle grazing in a pasture on a spring day.
picture of herford cow photo
A hereford cow grazing on a scenic ranch in Texas.
cattle herd graze in field
A herd of cattle find some shade under an oak tree on a Texas cattle ranch.
Rural cattle ranches in Texas

Rural cattle ranches in Texas provide refreshing scenes like this scenic landscape photo of cattle grazing in a field of bluebonnets.

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Texas ranching photography

A rustic photo of an old Texas ranch house and cactus growing by a barbed wire fence.

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photo of cattle ranchers house

A rustic log cabin on a country ranch reflects the golden rays of a Texas sunset.


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