Pictures of Shipping Industry and the Port of Houston

The Port of Houston is a complex of commercial and public shipping facilities located on Galveston Bay that adjoins the Gulf of Mexico. In overall tonnage it is the second busiest seaport in the United States and the busiest US port terms of foreign tonnage. Oil tankers, cargo ships and container ships are constantly loading and unloading their cargo.

The Port of Houston seaport is made up of the Houston Ship Channel, the port authority and 150 industrial companies, many having private docks, terminals and refineries. The petrochemical complex is one of the largest in the world with Berthing facilities for marine transportation and oil industry. The port also contains Turning Basin Terminal and Barbours Cut container terminal.

These pictures of ships and oil tankers can be used as stock photography to illustrate brochures, ads, websites and presentations. Photos can also be displayed as fine art prints in an office environment. Enhance your company image with our high-impact stock photos of the commercial shipping industry.

crude oil tankers at port of Houston refinery

Crude carriers loading and unloading fuels at an oil refinery. Petrochemicals awaiting shipment are stored in cylindrical storage tanks and vessels.

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Crude carriers and parcel tankers at oil terminal

Crude Oil Terminal

Oil tankers and parcel tankers discharging crude oil at the berthing facility of a fuel terminal on Galveston Bay.

LPG tanker at fuel storage terminal

LPG Storage Terminal

LPG tanker is berthed at fuel terminal at the Port of Houston. LPG gas is stored in pressurized spheres and tanks at this petroleum facility.

liquified petroleum gas tanker

LPG Carrier

Aerial photo of a liquified petroleum gas tanker discharging cargo at berth of an LPG terminal. Liquid bulk cargo in the form of hydrocarbon and chemical gases are transported by these product carriers.

oil tanker lightering cargo

Oil Tanker Lightering

Lightering is a process involving ship-to-ship transfer of oil cargo. A supertanker is too large to enter the port so it offloads a portion of crude oil to a smaller service vessel which delivers the fuel to port.

lightering oil tankers in Gulf of Mexico

Oil Tanker Lightering

Lightering locations are dictated primarily by water depth and traffic. In the Gulf of Mexico, this process takes place 20-60 miles from land. The massive size of the mother ship is exagerated in this low angle photo of the ships.

crude carriers lightering fuel transfer

Crude Oil Lightering

The two vessels are moored together with lines while using large rubber bumpers called fenders between them to prevent damage. Crude oil cargo is discharged through reinforced rubber hoses connecting the oil tankers.

Houston Texas Commercial Photographer Scott Teven

High quality marine photography will make a real impact in annual reports and marketing communications. If you are looking for an industrial photographer you can hire Scott Teven to create striking photographs of your shipping operation or facility. Teven is a professional commercial photographer, Texas based, but available for worldwide travel. Experienced in shipping and industrial photography, Teven specializes in producing creative views that showcase the key features of commercial projects. Outstanding examples of his professional photography can be viewed in the many pages of this website. Some of these images of the shipping industry were created for corporate clients while others were photographed to supplement a growing collection of stock photography. Call 713-862-9410 for an estimate on your next project.

Port side container cranes loading cargo

Barbours Cut Container Facility

Port side container cranes loading cargo from container ships at Barbours Cut container terminal in Houston, Tx.

barbours cut container terminal

Container Ships at Barbours Cut

An aerial photo of the Barbours Cut terminal overlooking the shipyard and the container berths.

shipping containers in container yard

Shipping Container Yard

Stacks of shipping containers ready for loading on container ships.

picture of container ship and tugboat

Houston Turning Basin

Picture of a tugboat pushing a container ship in the turning basin of the Houston ship channel.

ships docked at Port of Houston skyline

Port of Houston

Picture of the Port overlooking the city dock and showing the Houston skyline in the background.

ship bulk cargo loading

Marine Stowage

Bulk cargo stacked on wooden pallets is delivered by forklifts and lifted into the hold of cargo ship by portside cranes on the dock.

longshoremen working on docks

Unit Load on the City Docks

Longshoremen secure pallet loaded with sacks of dry milk before loading freight into the cargo hold of ship.

fuel tanker pictures

Petroleum Transportation

Picture of a liquid petroleum gas tanker passing by the city docks along the Port of Houston

chemical tanker in Houston Ship Channel.

Houston Ship Channel

The late afternoon sun shines on a LPG chemical tanker passing through the Houston Ship Channel.

photos of oil tankers

Two massive oil tankers pass each other on their way to industrial docks where they will unload their cargo of crude oil.

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Houston ship channel  oil tankers
Scenic aerial picture of bridge showing oil tankers on their way to storage facilities and terminals along the Houston Ship Channel.
oil tanker stock photo

Photograph of an oil tanker passing under the Fred Hartman bridge which spans the Houston Ship Channel and connects the cities of La Porte and Baytown, Texas on Highway 146.

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oil tanker and tugboat picture
Photo of oil tanker being gently guided by a tugboat in the port of houston.
picture of tugboats towing rig

Tugboats towing offshore oil rigs through Galveston bay and then out to the Gulf of Mexico.

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