Spectacular Houston Skyline pictures
Majestic by day, gleaming at sunset and glistening at night, the downtown city skyline is an inspiring sight. The Houston skyline pictures on this page are the vision of urban landscape photographer Scott Teven. For over 20 years he has captured extraordinary vistas which reflect the many moods of Houston.

These Houston skyline pictures can be displayed as artwork or licensed for publication. Enhance your company's image with magnificent Houston images that will inspire your audience! Select one of these unique, premium-quality Houston skyline photos to make a graphic statement in your marketing materials or office environment.

Houston skyline at night

Houston Skyline at Night

The night skyline of Houston becomes a shining citadel of light as the city lights of downtown glisten on a clear night. Just after sunset the sky turns a deep shade of blue with the fading light of day.

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downtown Houston at night skyline picture

Houston at Night

Colored lights illuminate the buildings of downtown Houston, transforming the city into a magical metropolis.

houston sunset - beam of sunlight shining on downtown skyline

Golden Opportunity - Houston Sunset

For a brief moment before sunset, a beam of sunlight shines under a layer of dark clouds, reflecting golden light off the glass towers of the Houston skyline.

Houston sunset and downtown city skyline

Houston Sunset

The evening light settles over downtown as the city skyline reflects colors of the setting sun.

picture of houston sunrise - bright light of early morning sunlight

Houston Sunrise

The shiny surfaces of glass buildings mirror the bright light of early morning sunlight. From left to right, this cityscape pictures the JP Morgan Chase Tower, Pennzoil Place, Bank of America Center, One Shell Plaza, Wells Fargo Plaza and the 1100 Louisiana Building.

Houston skyline pictures and city sunrise

Houston Skyline at Dawn

The city skyline is warmed by the early light of dawn on a summer morning in Houston. Streaking highway lights and the gleaming city skyscrapers symbolize the vitality and energy of the city.

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city sunrise at the crack of dawn

Houston Daybreak

This view of the Houston skyline pictures morning commuters driving to work in city as the sun rises at the crack of dawn.

Springtime in Houston
Houston photographer Scott Teven knows how light changes with the weather, seasons and time of day. This lets him predict, plan and schedule the ideal time and place for his compositions. These colorful pictures of wildflowers blooming in Houston were photographed at the peak of the Texas spring wildflower season.

Displaying artwork that features these magnificent vistas of Houston will communicate the diversity of your Houston business and add color to your office environment!

colorful pictures of Houston landscapes on a clear spring day

Houston Skyline and Texas Wildflowers

This landscape view of Houston wildflowers was photographed at a park along Memorial Drive on a "picture perfect" spring day.

wildflowers blooming in the city

Springtime in Houston

The clear blue sky and puffy white clouds accent the field of Texas bluebonnets blooming in a downtown city park.

field of bluebonnets near the city - blues and greens

Skyline and Bluebonnets

Blues and greens dominate the color palette in this city skyline picture. A completely different mood is suggested by this image created from the same location on a different day.

Houston Skyline - Passing Storm

It is said that if you don't like the weather in Texas just wait a minute and it will change. This rare sequence of skyline pictures illustrates this. Scott Teven photographed these extraordinary images moments after an all day rainstorm caused Buffalo Bayou to flood a downtown city park. Read the following photo captions to get the full report of this one time event.

mirror reflection in water

Houston Skyline Reflection

After the rain ended, a crystal clear mirror reflection of the city appeared in the flooded waters of Buffalo Bayou.

reflection of city skyline in the water of Buffalo Bayou

Houston Passing Storm

Hints of blue sky appeared through the clouds as the storm was lifting. The most dramatic photographs are captured when the light is ephemeral, often during a passing storm.

reflection of houston and clear blue sky

Houston City Reflection

The sky cleared as a cool front passed through the city. Shortly afterwards the floodwaters receded and the unique picture vanished forever!

city reflected in the water

Bayou City Reflections

Magic moments like these appear for an instant and then disappear.

Distinctive Urban Landscapes
Scott Teven seeks out fleeting moments in time to create inspiring images that capture the changing light of the moody Texas skies. He waits for an angle of sunlight when the light most flatters his subject, whether that's an urban city skyline or a mountain in West Texas.

Your Houston Company is Distinctive
If you do business in Houston you want to present a corporate image that will exemplify the uniqueness of your company. Select one of these unique Houston skyline photos to make a distinctive statement in your marketing materials.

landscape photograph of houston texas

Houston Texas Landscape

Green trees flourishing along the Buffalo Bayou greenbelt enhance the downtown city skyscrapers of Houston.

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morning sunlight reflections on the skyline of houston

Morning Sunlight Reflections

The distinctive Bank of America Center reflecting the rising sun on a summer morning. From left to right, this skyline view shows the Pennzoil Place, Bank of America Center, One Shell Plaza, Wells Fargo Plaza and the 1100 Louisiana Building.

fireworks exploding over the city skyline of houston

Fireworks Over Houston Skyline

Fireworks exploding over the city during the final Power of Houston Fireworks display in 2001.

Houston fireworks display

Houston City Fireworks

Fireworks exploding over the city during the final Power of Houston Fireworks display in 2001.

Bank of America Center Houston

City Skyline & Spring Azaleas

This colorful springtime view of downtown was photographed from the fire station on Bagby Street. It also pictures the Bank of America Center and Pennzoil Place.

houston city skyline on a clear day

City Skyline on a Clear Day

A clear blue sky is the background for this Houston skyline picture. Office buildings include the Lyric Center, JP Morgan Chase Tower, Pennzoil Place and Bank of America Center. In the foreground is the Wortham Theater and Sesquicentennial Park.

Houston skyline picture city park

Sesquicentennial Park

Scenic daytime photo of the Houston skyline showing Wortham Theater and Sesquicentennial Park.

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