Photos of Houston Landmarks
This page features photos of several famous landmarks of Houston. The historical San Jacinto Monument is a symbol of Texas history and a popular tourist attraction. Monuments that epitomize the modern character of Houston are the Houston Water Wall fountain and Williams Tower. Other well known landmarks include the the NASA Johnson Space Center and the Fred Hartman cable-stayed bridge which spans the Houston ship channel.
historical San Jacinto monument representing Texas independence

San Jacinto Monument

This great symbol of Texas is one of state's most famous landmarks. The monument marks the site where Texas won its independence from Mexico in 1836. At 570 feet tall, the San Jacinto Monument is the world's tallest monument tower.

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aerial photo of the San Jacinto Monument

San Jacinto Monument

The historic landmark is a memorial to the Battle of San Jacinto where Sam Houston and his band of Texans defeated the Mexican army in 1836.

san jacinto battleground and the houston ship channel

San Jacinto Monument and Reflecting Pool

Standing tall over the San Jacinto battleground, the tower is capped with a giant Texas Lone Star which overlooks the Battleship Texas and the Houston ship channel.

Sam Houston statue - historical monument in Houston Texas

Sam Houston Statue

Sam Houston, the hero depicted in the statue, points his troops towards the San Jacinto Battlefield where he led his troops to victory in 1836. Located in Hermann Park, the statue is one of Houston's most famous monuments.

Houston City Hall

An aerial view of City Hall in downtown Houston.

Houston City Hall and gardens of Hermann Square

City Hall and Hermann Square

Springtime azaleas blooming in the gardens of Hermann Square in front of City Hall.

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photo of houston water wall and williams tower

Houston Water Wall and Williams Tower

This photo presents a unique view of two important Houston landmarks, contrasting soft summer clouds with hard edged modern architecture.

famous houston water wall fountain

The Water Wall Fountain

A young boy cools off with the refreshing mist from this famous Houston fountain.

houston water wall at night

The Water Wall at Night

People enjoying the Houston water wall on a summer night. These photos of Houston depict many of the most popular landmarks of the city.

houston landmarks - williams tower and waterwall

Williams Tower and Water Wall

Two famous landmarks reaching up into a clear blue Texas sky. Keep scrolling down to see more photos of Houston landmarks

Houston landmarks - brick archway of water wall and transco tower

Water wall and Transco Tower

This photo of a brick archway and glass tower creates a striking juxtaposition of these popular Houston landmarks.

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Saturn 5 rocket on display at Nasa rocket park at Space Center Houston

Johnson Space Center

Saturn 5 rocket on display at Nasa rocket park, a popular attraction at Space Center Houston.

NASA rockets little joe 2 rocket and mercury redstone rocket

NASA Rockets

NASA Little Joe 2 rocket and Mercury Redstone rocket on display at the Johnson Space Center signify achievements of the aerospace industry.

huge saturn rocket engines at the johnson space center

Rocket Park at NASA Johnson Space Center

Visitors at the Space Center gawk at the huge engines of the Saturn 5 rocket displayed in rocket park.

Traquility Park and Wortham Fountain honors Apollo Six moon mission

Tranquility Park and Wortham Fountains

Located in downtown Houston, Tranquility Park and Wortham Fountain were built as monuments to the Apollo eleven moon mission.

Houston - The Bayou City

This aerial photo shows Buffalo Bayou winding towards downtown Houston.

Port of Houston aerial photo

Port of Houston

An aerial photo of the Port overlooking the city dock and showing the Houston skyline in the background.

Fred Hartman cable-stayed bridge spanning the houston ship channel

Fred Hartman cable-stayed bridge

Spanning the Houston Ship Channel, the Fred Hartman bridge is a scenic landmark and a marvel of civil engineering. The bridge connects the cities of Baytown and La Porte, Texas on Highway 146.

aerial photo of fred hartman bridge

Fred Hartman Bridge Aerial View

An aerial photo showing the twin pillars supporting the twin decks of the fred hartman cable-stayed bridge.

radial attachment design of cable stays on Fred Hartman cable-stayed bridge

Fred Hartman Bridge

A low angle perspective showing the radial attachment design of the cable stays and the fan arrangement of the bridge.

Houston museum of fine arts Caroline Wiess Law Building in Neoclassical style

Houston Museum of Fine Arts

The Caroline Wiess Law Building, designed in 1924 by William Ward Watkin in the popular Neoclassical style.

palmer episcopal church autry house

Palmer Memorial Episcopal Church and Autry House

These two Houston landmarks are examples of 1920's eclectic architecture, featuring styles of both Italian and Lombard Romanesque architecture. These architectural styles figured in the development of the South Main Street area of Houston in the 1920's as a district of civic institutions with shared styles in a landscaped setting. A 90-foot tall bell tower rises near the east end of the church.

Harris County Civil Courthouse Beaux-Arts style

Harris County Civil Courthouse 1910

This courthouse was built by architects Lang, Winchell & Barglebaugh in the Beaux-Arts style out of Granite and brick.

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Warwick Hotel and Mecom-Rockwell Colonnade and Fountain

Mecom-Rockwell Colonnade and Fountain

This structure is located on the north end of Hermann Park. On the right is the Warwick Hotel (now the ZaZa Hotel). This historical building is just one of many famous Houston landmarks.

bayou bend gardens and Ima hogg mansion

Bayou Bend Gardens

Spring azaleas and tulips blooming in front of the Ima Hogg mansion at Bayou Bend Gardens.

victorian home in houston heights neighborhood

Victorian Home in the Houston Heights

Blooming flowers add color to this 19th Century Victorian style home at 18th street and Harvard. This historic white frame home, built around 1892, reflects a combination of Queen Anne and Stick styles of architecture.

houston beer can house folk art monument made of beer cans

Beer Can House

This folk art monument is adorned with about 39,000 beer cans and a sprinkling of marbles and buttons. It is reported that John Milkovisch drank most of the beer, then decorated the house while living there over an 18 year period.

ornate victorian style cast iron pedestal clock or pillar clock

Sweeney Jewelry Pillar Clock

A Houston photo showing both the old and the new. This landmark is an ornate Victorian style, cast iron pedestal clock. It was originally installed in 1908 in front of the Sweeney Jewelry store on Main Street.

Metro Rail on Main Street

A Houston Metrorail train leaving a station in a historic section of downtown Houston.

George Bush airport mickey leland terminal IAH

George Bush Intercontinental Airport

International flags flying outside the Mickey Leeland International Building at the Houston airport.


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