Photos of Houston Skyscrapers, Buildings and Architecture
These Houston photos show the diverse styles of architecture represented by Houston buildings. Architectural design styles range from the sleek, functional international style of the JP Morgan Chase Tower, the tallest modern skyscraper of the city, to the ornate styled Neils Esperson Building. Other Houston photos of high rise towers on this page include the Bank of America Center, Pennzoil Place, Wells Fargo Plaza, Heritage Plaza, 1100 Louisiana building, Continental Center, Centerpoint Energy Plaza, One Shell Plaza and the buildings of Greenway Plaza.
office buildings of downtown Houston photos

Buildings of Downtown Houston

This aerial daytime photo of downtown Houston shows the old office buildings contrasted by the modern city skyscrapers built in oil boom of the 1980's.

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Houston city skyscapers and JP Morgan Chase Tower

JP Morgan Chase Tower

The tallest skyscraper in Houston, The 75 story JPMorgan Chase Tower (right) is shown alongside the older Chase Building (center). It was originally named the Texas Commerce Tower. Also pictured are the Bank of America Center and Pennzoil Place.

Bank of America Center, 1 Shell Plaza, Republic Bank

Bank of America Center

Philip Johnson and John Burgee Architects designed this 56 story building (left) to harmonize architectural styles of past and present. This postmodern skyscraper has become a cornerstone of downtown Houston architecture. Former names of this building were Nations Bank, NCNB and Republic Bank.

Images of architecture represent strength, stability and a foundation that is enduring and dependable.

Bank of America Center and Nations Bank

Bank of America and Pennzoil Place

This detail shows the Napolean red granite surface of the Bank of America Center. The sculpted metal obelisks that accent the gabled roofline suggest a Gothic style of architecture. The dark glass surface of Pennzoil Place appears in the background.

Houston office buildings exxon building Humble oil Centerpoint Energy Plaza

Downtown Houston Office buildings

During the 1960's the Humble Oil building (second from left) was the tallest building in the Western United States. Renamed the Exxon Building, it is now just one of many tall office buildings in downtown Houston. Other buildings in this photo include the Devon Energy Center (One Allen Center), 1100 Louisiana and the Centerpoint Energy Plaza.

office towers 3 Allen Center, Continental Center I

Houston Office Towers

Downtown office towers from left to right: Heritage Plaza, Three Allen Center, Devon Energy Center (One Allen Center), Centerpoint Energy Plaza, 1400 Smith Street (Enron Center) and Continental Center I.

Wells Fargo Plaza

Houston City Skyscrapers

Towering over the city is the Wells Fargo Plaza (center). The mirrored glass surface of this skyscraper reflects the surrounding office buildings in this daytime picture.

1100 Louisiana building

Houston Tall Buildings

A wide angle view looking up creates a abstract perspective in this picture of the 1100 Louisiana building, Wells Fargo Plaza and Monument Au Phantome, a sculpture by Jean Dubuffet.

Williams Tower sunset reflection

Sunset Reflections

Brilliant colors of a Texas sunset reflect off the glass surface of the Williams Tower.

Architectural Photography of Houston

These striking photographs represent the work of Scott Teven, a Houston photographer for over 20 years. Contact us about your architectural or commercial photography projects.

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Skylights of the Center point Energy Plaza at night

Centerpoint Energy Plaza at Night

Houston buildings are illuminated with color during a downtown city celebration. Beacons of the Center point Energy Plaza radiate beams of light in all directions. Former names of this building were Houston Industries Plaza and Reliant Energy Plaza.

Niels Esperson Building in Houston

Niels Esperson Building

This 32-story building, completed in 1927, was built as a monument to the oil industry and reflects an Italian Renaissance architectural style.

Gulf Building Houston Texas

Chase Bank Building (Gulf Building)

Completed in 1929, the Gulf Building dominated the Houston skyline until 1963 when it was surpassed by the Humble Oil Building.

Images of architecture represent strength, stability and a foundation that is enduring and dependable.

Great Southwest Life Building

Originally named the Petroleum Building, this historic downtown building was completed in 1927 and is 22 stories tall.

Houston Cotton Exchange Building

Built in 1924, the Cotton Exchange was one of the first buildings in Houston to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was designated a Texas Historic Landmark by the Texas Historical Commission.

Harris County Civil Justice Center

Completed in 2003, the new Harris County Civil Justice Center contains 37 courtrooms. The distinctive architectural style reflects historic qualities of older downtown buildings.

KBR Tower Houston architecture

High Rise Office Buildings

The skyline of Houston contains many massive multistory structures. The tall buildings shown here are the Continental Center One, the KBR Tower (Kellogg, Brown & Root) and the former Enron Center.

Chevron Texaco Heritage Plaza

Heritage Plaza

This 55 story building, a focal point of the Houston skyline, features a distinctive crest designed to resemble a Mayan temple. Formerly named the Chevron Texaco Heritage Plaza.

Pennzoil Place, geometric angles and diagonal lines

Pennzoil Place Abstract

What appears as a geometric matrix of angles and diagonal lines is actually an exterior photo of Pennzoil Place. Designed by Philip Johnson this glass and steel building reflects the International Style of Architecture he is known for. From a distance, the building appears as two trapezoid shaped towers. It is a vital contribution to the modern architecture of Houston.

Houston Rice Hotel Reflection

Rice Hotel Reflections

Prior to renovation in 1995, The historic Rice Hotel was closed for 20 years. This photograph, looking up from street level, was taken in 1989. It shows the old peeling paint on the underside of the front walkway. A reflection of the Rice Hotel appears in the glass building across the street (Chase Center).

City Skyscrapers of Houston

City Skyscrapers of Houston

A wide angle perspective of downtown city skyscrapers. Clockwise from top, the big buildings in this picture are Wells Fargo Plaza, One Shell Plaza, Two Shell Plaza, El Paso Energy Building (formerly Tenneco building) and Centerpoint Energy Plaza.

George R. Brown convention center

George R. Brown Convention Center

Located on the east side of downtown Houston, the George R. Brown Convention Center spans 5 city blocks and provides over 850,000 square feet of total exhibit space.

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high rise Building Construction

High Rise Building Construction

Most of the high rise office buildings and skyscrapers of Houston were built during the oil boom (1965-1985). In recent years building construction has regained strength as shown in this day photo of a construction worker atop a downtown building.

Houston Greenway Plaza and Southwest Freeway 59

Greenway Plaza

Covering a 60 acre campus five miles from downtown and adjacent to the Southwest Freeway, The Greenway Plaza Complex is one of several centers of commercial development in The City of Houston. The Houston skyline can be seen in the background.

Greenway Plaza buildings 8 9 11 12

Buildings of Greenway Plaza

Four of the ten buildings of Greenway Plaza Building pictures are:
8 Greenway Plaza
9 Greenway Plaza
11 Greenway Plaza
12 Greenway Plaza

Williams Tower Houston Texas

Williams Tower

Designed by architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee, the massive Williams Tower is a prominent Houston landmark and the tallest building outside of a major metropolitan area. A mirror-like grid of windows shape the facade of this contemporary structure.

skyscraper reaching into the clouds, transco tower

Skyscraper Reaching for the Clouds

This huge, awe-inspiring modern skyscraper, formerly called the Transco Tower, is a focal point of the Houston Galleria area. Day or night the sleek glass exterior reflects the clouds and sky that surround it.

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saint lukes medical tower

Saint Lukes Medical Tower

This glass building is one of the significant architectural landmarks located in the Texas Medical Center.

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Enron towers, 1500 Louisiana Street, 1400 Smith

Enron Legacy

Originally designed by architect Cesar Pelli as headquarters for Enron, these magnificent glass skyscrapers reflect the buildings that surround them. Current names of these buildings are 1500 Louisiana Street (left) and 1400 Smith Street (right).

1500 Louisiana building Enron center

1500 Louisiana Building

This wide angle photo of 1500 Louisiana Street reflects the futuristic architectural design common to downtown Houston.

Skyscraper Glass Reflections

Abstract Reflections

Glass windows act as mirrors reflecting geometric patterns of the city. Glass, steel and stone construction characterizes much of the modern architecture of Houston.

old historical buildings of Houston

Historical Buildings of Houston

This aerial photo looking south shows some of the old office buildings in the older historic section of downtown.

downtown houston aerial view exxon building

Aerial photo of Downtown Houston

An aerial view of downtown looking north. Buildings pictured include the Continental Center One, the KBR Tower and the Exxon Building.


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