Photos of Galveston Texas and the Gulf Coast
From its sandy beaches to its historical Victorian architecture, Galveston Island is one of the most delightful destinations along the Texas Gulf Coast. Only 50 miles from Houston, Galveston offers visitors historic landmarks, museums, shopping, fishing, Moody Gardens, an old fashioned trolley and the Galveston Strand a range of outdoor activities to enjoy.

For a short time after Texas Independence in 1836, Galveston was the capital of Texas. At the end of the 19th century, the City of Galveston was a prosperous commercial center much larger than Houston. Its position along the Gulf of Mexico made it the center of trade in Texas. The famous hurricane of 1900 brought devastation to the city and much of the commerce moved to Houston. In recent years, many historical Galveston buildings from that era have been restored.

Photos of Galveston and Texas Gulf Coast pictures are available as stock photography which can be used for brochures, ads, websites and presentations or displayed as fine art prints in an office environment. Enhance your company image with scenic pictures of Galveston landmarks and coastal landscapes.

hotel galvez and seawall boulevard in Galveston Texas

Galveston Texas

Picture of the historic Hotel Galvez on Seawall Boulevard. The Galveston sea wall, which extends for 10 miles along the coastline, was built to protect the city and the beach from flood damage during storms.

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flagship pier hotel and galveston beach

Flagship Pier

One of the famous landmarks in Galveston is the Flagship Pier (often called the Pleasure Pier). The concrete pier stretches 1000 feet out to sea and offers scenic oceanfront views. It has provided a base for the Flagship Hotel for 50 years. It is the only hotel in North America built entirely over the water.

downtown galveston island picture

Galveston Skyline

This aerial photo of Galveston pictures the downtown area, the Port of Galveston and the east end of galveston island looking out towards Bolivar pass and the Gulf of Mexico.

UTMB Galveston Aerial Photo

A different aerial picture overlooking the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and facing the R. Waverley Smith Pavilion. The downtown area and the Port of Galveston appears in the background.

Galveston Aerial Photography

The eastern end of Galveston Island overlooking Galveston beach and Seawall Boulevard.

Clear Lake Channel Kemah shrimp boats

Clear Lake Channel

At the end of a summer day, sailboats pass through the Clear Lake Channel that connects Galveston Bay with Clear Lake Texas. Shrimp boats docked along the Seabrook side of the channel create a tranquil harbor scene.

kemah texas and seabrook on galveston bay

Kemah, Texas, and Galveston Bay

Kemah and Seabrook are small harbor towns on Galveston Bay that share an inlet that leads into Clear Lake. Diners at bayside restaurants enjoy seafood and watch the passing parade of shrimp boats.

sailboat in kemah tx

Kemah Sailboat

A sailboat catches a late afternoon breeze that propels it through the Clear Lake channel.

Galveston Bay sunset

Galveston Bay Sunset

A picture to treasure, this beautiful sunset ends a day of fishing on the bay.

Great Egret on Texas City Dike

Texas City Dike

A Great Egret perched on the rocks along the dike waits patiently for an easy catch.

Scenic Gulf Coast Photography
Framed art photographs of Gulf Coast scenery and historical Galveston landmarks will create a relaxed atmosphere in a busy office space and will add color to a drab work environment. We can produce large prints and photo murals that can be displayed in a conference room or reception area.

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horse drawn carriages on the galveston strand

The Galveston Strand

Horse-drawn carriages add to the charm of this picture of the Strand National Historic Landmark District. The area boasts many fine examples of 19th century iron-front commercial buildings. Pictured left to right: Galveston Arts Center, Trueheart-Adriance building (Victorian Romanesque style), Kauffman & Runge-Stewart building (Renaissance Revival style). All three were built in 1882.

Galveston Island Trolley on the strand

Galveston Island Trolley

A streetcar stops for shoppers and tourists on the Strand. Local attractions include art galleries, gift shops, restaurants and historical exhibits.

man playing the marimba

Galveston Street Musicians

A man playing the marimba entertains visitors on the Strand.

life size chess board galveston

Giant Chess Set

Chess players get physical and mental exercise playing a game of chess in Saengerfest Park. The life size chess board is an attraction in the Galveston Strand Historic District.

old fashioned trolley streetcar

Old Streetcar

An old fashioned trolley adds to the sense of nostalgia on the Galveston Strand.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

This famous church, a scenic Galveston landmark, was founded in 1884 and was rebuilt after the devastating 1900 hurricane.

historic home and palm trees in galveston

Historic Homes of Galveston

A historic home along 25th Avenue. Towering palm trees illustrate the tropical character of this gulf coast city.

sailboat on galveston bay

Sailboats on the Bay

A colorful sailboat on Galveston Bay

triple decker victorian paddle boat

Colonel Paddleboat

A triple decker Victorian style paddle wheeler docks at Moody Gardens and offers excursions that capture the romance of old river steamboats.

people on Kemah boardwalk

Kemah Boardwalk

People strolling along the Kemah Boardwalk watch an excursion boat heading out for an evening cruise on Galveston Bay.

waitress serving fried seafood

Kemah Seafood Restaurant

A waitress gets ready to serve fried seafood platters to diners eating outdoors at a Kemah restaurant.

People fishing on galveston pier Texas gulf coast

Galveston Pier Fishing

People fishing on the T-head at the end of the Flagship pier which extends 1000 feet into the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Old Fishing Pier

Sea gulls and other sea birds rest on a weathered fishing pier in Galveston Bay near Texas City as a shrimpboat returns to the dock.

sunbathers on galveston beach

Sandy Beaches

Galveston beach sunbathers enjoy the sun and the ocean breeze off the Gulf of Mexico.

boy on beach looking out to sea

Gulf Dreamer

A suntanned boy sits on a piece of driftwood and looks out to sea on a summer day along the Texas Gulf Coast.

moody gardens rainforest pyramid in Galveston Tx

Rainforest Pyramid at Moody Gardens

This 10 story greenhouse supports a tropical environment with plants, exotic birds, butterflies and fish. The exterior grounds feature lush, subtropical landscaping.

Galveston Texas Grand Opera House interior

Grand Opera House

The ornate interior of the performing arts hall has been restored to its original grandeur. The Jubilee Banjo Band performs at an afternoon matinee.


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