About Photo Houston
Photo Houston is a unique collection of Texas art photography, created by Scott Teven, a Houston photographer for over 25 years. From scenic Texas landscapes to spectacular city skylines, his photography captures the beauty and diversity of Texas.  His corporate art photography is displayed in banks, law firms, energy companies, hotels, colleges and healthcare facilities. Select a category from the home page and explore the collection.

Photography as Corporate Art
Photography complements the modern interior design of a corporate office environment. Along with contemporary framing, photo artwork will enhance your corporate office and can bolster your brand. If you do business in Texas, you can emphasize that connection by exhibiting these unique images as office art photographs at your workplace.

Framed Art Photography

Our photos can be reproduced and framed to any size for display as corporate office art. Our corporate art photography is customized to fit the unique space of your office walls. We can provide custom framing, art installation and art consulting services. A variety of art framing options are available including our Hover Framing System, an affordable alternative to traditional custom framing.

Provide Your Own Photographs
Customers can provide their own images or select photos from the Photo Houston collection.
We often repurpose stock photos from client libraries. When the images are high resolution we can convert them into large scale works of art. We can also resource other types of fine art suitable for the corporate workplace.

Photograph Prices
Our photograph prices are based on the reproduction size and the type of print media (paper, canvas, metal). Several sample paper sizes and prices are listed below and larger sizes are available. Discounts are available when multiple art photographs are ordered together.

8 x 10 inches


 11 x 14 inches


 16 x 20 inches


Office Art Sizes
Large artwork sizes are generally better for large spaces like a reception area or conference room. Because of the closer viewing distance, small sizes are usually adequate for smaller workspaces like a personal office or hallway. Whether you are a small business decorating a small office or a large corporation developing an art collection, we can provide the right corporate office art for your needs.

Color or Black and White
Our fine art photographs can be reproduced in either color or black and white. The neutral tones of black and white art photography have a uniform appearance when several art photos are displayed in the same room. Vibrant color will liven up a space. If you find a color photograph that you like on this website we can convert it to black and white.

View examples of our Black and White Photography


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