Photography as
Corporate Office Art

My photographs have been purchased for display as artwork by clients such as Cisco Systems, Citigroup and Marriott International.
I frequently provide photo artwork to companies who are relocating or redecorating their offices. My customers are also interior designers, art consultants or art galleries who are seeking art for their own clients.

Making a move or remodeling? That's a great time to be updating your office art.

Artwork Sized to Fit Your Office Walls
Most artwork is only available in one fixed size. It may not fit the unique space of your office walls.
To make an impact your office art must fit the diverse wall sizes of a corporate office. Large artwork sizes are generally better in large workspaces like a conference room while smaller sizes may be adequate for a personal office or hallway. My corporate art photography can be produced in a variety of sizes. It can also be custom sized to fit any wall size. If you are unsure about sizing or artwork placement I can visit your Houston location and offer guidance.
corporate office conference room with framed photo art
Framed Photography - A Complete Workplace Art Solution
From the reception area to the conference room, framed art photography can provide a complete artwork solution for the workplace. I offer a variety of unique framing options including the Hover Frame System, an affordable alternative to traditional framed artwork.

Provide Your Own Photographs
My Photo Houston Collection features a diverse selection of photographs. You can choose these photos or provide your own and I will convert them into works of art. I often repurpose existing photos provided by my clients. When the images are high resolution, they can be enlarged to almost any size. I can also resource other types of fine art suitable for the corporate workplace.

Photograph Prices

Photograph prices are based on the reproduction size and the type of print media (paper, canvas, metal). Sample print sizes and prices are listed below and larger sizes are available. Discounts may be available when multiple art photographs are ordered together.

11x14 inches
 12x18 inches  $250
16x20 inches  $300
framed art photography displayed in corporate offices
Color or Black and White Photography
Vibrant color can liven up a workplace environment, however, the neutral tones of black and white may be a better complement to your existing furnishings. My color photographs can be reproduced in either color or black and white.  If you find a color photograph that you like on this website, I can convert it to black and white. View examples of our Black and White Photography.
Corporate Office Art Photography
Custom Toned Photography
Art photography can be toned with a specific tone or hue to complement the color scheme of an interior space. The following samples illustrate this technique. On the left is a photo of a black and white flower without toning, followed by two examples of custom toning - sepia tone and olive tone.
photograph toning sepia toned photo
Artwork Order Process
When photographs have been selected, sizes determined and a frame style is chosen then I can prepare an invoice that itemizes your artwork order. Once a 50% deposit has been received I can begin production of your order. Normally this process takes about 3 weeks. Depending on the extent of the order and my workload I can sometimes accelerate the process.
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For information on commercial use of these photos, please contact: Scott Teven Photography 713-862-9410