Texas Photography
The Lone Star State has many evocative and enduring symbols, well established by classic western movies, books and songs. Just the word "Texas" conjures up images of cowboys, wide open spaces and proud state landmarks like the Alamo or the San Jacinto Monument. The Texas flag, a cowboy hat or a longhorn steer - these are all great Texas symbols that represent the state's proud heritage.

If you're doing business in Texas, you want to emphasize that local connection. You can use Texas photography to enhance your business communications and convey the message that you are a local Texas company. Stock photos can be used in everything from from brochures to billboards.

red, white and blue texas flag picture

The State Flag of Texas

The basic design of the Texas flag that endures today was approved by Texas President Mirabeau B. Lamar in 1839, six years before Texas joined the United States. The colors of the flag are defined as being "Old Glory" red, white and blue, the same colors found in the U.S. flag.

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San Jacinto Monument

San Jacinto Monument

This picture shows one of state's most famous landmarks. At 640 feet tall the San Jacinto Monument is the world's tallest monument tower. It stands on the site where Texas won its independence from Mexico in 1836.

Historic Alamo in San Antonio Texas

The Historic Alamo in San Antonio, Texas

The Alamo mission, established in 1718, is the cradle of Texas liberty, a historical landmark and the states' most famous shrine. The Alamo began as a humble Spanish mission and has become a symbol of heroic courage in the struggle against oppression. Today, the Alamo is a famous landmark and museum located in the heart of downtown San Antonio

Texas capitol building

Texas State Capitol, Austin, Texas

This late afternoon view pictures the Texas Capital Building. This Texas landmark was constructed in 1888 of red granite from Marble Falls, Texas.

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waving Texas flag and American flags

Texas and US Flags

Photo of the Texas flag and the American flag flying together in unity. When Texas was annexed in 1845 it retained the right to fly its flag at the same height as the national flag.

Texas flags waving in the wind

Pride of Texas

Texas flags waving in the wind stand out a against a clear blue sky.

Displaying a Texas flag picture is a great way to communicate a regional identity for your Texas company.

waving Texas flags on flag poles

Flags of Texas

A proud row of Texas flags waving in the breeze. The lone star on the state flag stands as a symbol of independence for generations of Texans.

texas windmill red white and blue

Texas Windmill

The patriotic colors of the State Flag are proudly painted on a windmill.

Texas Stock Photography
Displaying photos of Texas will establish a strong regional identity for your company and distinguish your image in the Texas business community. Utilize your office space to display framed art photography with a western theme. Consider the dramatic impact of large photo prints in your conference room or reception area.

Texas flag pictures, state landmarks and other Texas images can be combined to create a dynamic Texas photography collage. Choose a selection of pictures for a Texas-themed brochure or a photo mural to for your office!

Texas Bluebonnet state flower picture

Texas Bluebonnet Photo

Close up photo of a bluebonnet, the official state flower of Texas, has become a very popular symbol and feature of Texana.

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picture of texas longhorn steer

Texas Longhorn Steer

Picture of a longhorn proudly showing off a huge set of horns.

drilling rig at sunset photos of texas

Texas Oil Rig

Picture of Texas drilling rig at sunset.

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Cowboy Hats in hat store

Cowboy Hats

A variety of cowboy hats on display at a western wear store.

leather riding chaps

Leather Chaps

Photo of cowboy wearing a weathered pair of leather riding chaps.

Texas Longhorn

The Texas Longhorn

The Longhorn is a classic symbol of Texas standing for independence and individualism.

photo of texas cattle drive

Texas Cattle Drive

A cowboy guides a herd of longhorns so that everyone is moving in the same direction down a long dirt road.

Texas longhorn cattle ranch

Longhorn Cattle Drive

A herd of Texas longhorn cattle on a Texas cattle ranch.

covered wagon on Texas trail ride

Covered Wagon

A team of mules pulling a covered wagon in the Houston Trail Ride.

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photo of cowboy on horseback in motion

Cowboy on Horseback

A lone cowboy riding a horse portrays a rugged spirit of individualism.

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Sam Houston statue Huntsville Texas

Sam Houston statue

A huge statue of the great defender of Texas liberty located in Huntsville.

Texas barbecue bbq

Texas barbecue

A waiter serves up a traditional platter of ribs, sliced beef, sausage, beans and cole slaw at a Texas BBQ restaurant.

open pit coopers barbecue

Texas barbecue

Customers select their cut of meat at Cooper's traditional open pit barbecue restaurant in Llano, Texas.

country and western dancing dancers

Kicker Dancing

Country and western dancers take a twirl at a Houston night club.


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